New Laws in California Make it Easier to Start a Business or Pursue A Career


Did you know that there are new laws in California that make it easier to start a business and pursue a professional career using your a) drivers license b) your ITIN number or c) your municipal identification number?

We are trying to spread the word to as many people as
possible to inform them of their rights under AB 2184 and SB 1159.

- The California Immigration Policy Center (CIPC) made fact sheets in English ( and Spanish (
- Stay tuned for CIPC's webinar with Immigrants Rising to discuss these bills more fully in October
- CIPC will continue to develop these kinds of resources that can be used to help inform our communities

Please share these informative tools to your network to ensure everyone in California has a clear idea of how to become an entrepreneur!

Thank you to the California Immigration Policy Center for these materials!