Disputes with Attorneys

The Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) and California State Bar each offer methods for dealing a dispute you might have with an attorney you have hired.

LACBA offers two programs for dealing with disputes between clients and attorneys:

  • Attorney-Client Arbitration Program
    The Attorney Client Arbitration Program (ACAP) is a confidential, affordable alternative to the court system. The arbitrators are experienced in handling and resolving fee disputes, as they must meet specific requirements that include the handling of cases submitted to mandatory arbitration.

The State Bar of California also offers a way to complain about a problem you may have had with an attorney:

  • Complaints Against Attorneys
    All lawyers who practice in California must live up to ethical standards imposed by the California Supreme Court and the state legislature. As an arm of the California Supreme Court, the State Bar investigates and prosecutes complaints against lawyers.

    You should register a complaint with the State Bar if you believe that your lawyer acted improperly but not just because there is some disagreement between you or you believe he or she did a poor job. For such a disagreement, you should pursue alternative methods of settling attorney-client disputes when available.

    If you believe your attoney acted improperly, you can complete this form, or call (800) 843-9053.