If you are dealing with a foreclosure or home loan issue, we recommend that you first take an online legal check-up to help you understand your situation and your options.

Learn how to save your home from foreclosure, avoid high-cost home loans, and other resources for homeowners in these publications from the National Consumer Law Center and other organizations.

  • A Guide to Mortgage Resources in California

    Helpful information and links from the State of Califonia if you are considering buying a home, already own a home, or have a mortgage and are experiencing difficulty in keeping your payments current.
  • Bankruptcy Mortgage Project
    This website is a resource for courts, consumers, trustees, mortgage servicers, attorneys, academics, and others in the bankruptcy community.
  • Saving Your Home From Foreclosure
    Foreclosure is a harsh legal process that often moves very quickly. If you are threatened with foreclosure, this brochure can guide you on getting legal help immediately to protect your rights.

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