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Housing Justice is Racial Justice: How Pro Bono Attorneys Can Help in the Eviction Crisis


Public Counsel has joined other legal services organizations, celebrities, and elected officials to produce a powerful video to call upon attorneys to volunteer their time to defend people’s rights to stay housed. Hundreds of thousands of renters could become homeless when California’s tenant protections are lifted after September 30th. Meanwhile, renters are already being unlawfully evicted and those facing evictions are heavily concentrated in low-income communities of color.

Housing justice is racial justice: For generations, racial discrimination has prevented Black and Brown families from accessing the housing market. In the wake of the pandemic, communities of color are particularly vulnerable due to the housing disparities they have long faced. Job loss, discrimination, and racial injustice deprive those on the brink of eviction a chance to afford an attorney. And without an attorney, litigants are forced to navigate the complicated legal system alone causing most to receive unfavorable judgements.

During the pandemic, we have seen an alarming increase in cases involving tenant harassment and illegal lockouts, with landlords aggressively attempting to circumvent the eviction moratoria. Additionally, the economic pressures and job and income loss associated with the Covid crisis have left many Angelenos with exponentially mounting consumer debt, including back-owed rent debt. We seek pro bono support from:

  • Lawyers and law firms willing to partner with our Homelessness Prevention Law Project (HPLP) to litigate affirmative housing rights cases on behalf of vulnerable tenants.
  • Attorneys who are willing to partner with our Consumer Rights and Economic Justice (CREJ) project to help resolve debt cases.

For law firms and attorneys interested in affirmative housing litigation, debt resolution cases, or interested in learning more about how you can help those at risk of homelessness, please click on and complete the form HERE.