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Take Action to Protect Renters! No one should lose their home during a pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused millions of households to fall behind on rent through no fault of their own. This rent debt crisis continues to hit low-income renters and communities of color hardest. The rental relief programs established earlier this year have not been enough to address the growing mountain of debt or ensure all renters remain housed. Instead, renters have faced insurmountable barriers to access rental assistance and have been met with program loopholes and inadequate protections. Without the necessary solutions to mitigate the long-term economic fallout of the pandemic, Californians will face a widening racial wealth gap and deeper economic divides.

Public Counsel attorneys have been working diligently alongside both statewide and local coalitions to provide innovative, community-centered policy solutions to help meet this urgent demand. Here’s how you can support our efforts right now: 

Tell LA City and County leaders: We need a #DebtFreeRecovery to #KeepLAHoused! The Keep LA Housed Coalition is a group of community-based organizations, legal advocates and tenants across the City and County of Los Angeles advocating for stronger protections for renters and small landlords amid the Covid-19 crisis. The coalition recently launched the Debt Free Recovery platform, a comprehensive suite of policy proposals that ensures a just recovery for ALL Angelenos by asking local elected officials to 1) end evictions and prevent all collateral consequences of rent debt, (2) eliminate COVID debt, and 3) provide equitable access to relief. Sign this petition to let your your local elected official know that you support a #DebtFreeRecovery to #KeepLAHoused. Read more about the Debt Free Recovery platform here

Tell CA Leaders: No Renter Left Behind! Our partners in the Housing Now! Coalition are calling on the Governor and state leadership to work with renters NOW to establish an effective and fair rental assistance program that promotes a full recovery. We join Housing Now! in calling on the state to take further action that will 1) allow all eligible tenants to access these rent and utility debt relief funds, 2) extend existing eviction protections beyond June, and 3) establish lasting protections to mitigate long-term credit impact and alleviate future financial fallout that could impede the state’s economic recovery. Let California leaders know they need to do more by adding your name to this petition. 

While COVID-19 case numbers drop, the economic burden continues to mount as even more Angelenos are saddled with rent debt and fears of losing their homes. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt for years to come. Our recovery depends not just on how well we have protected one another from the virus. It also depends on whether and how we assist those most deeply harmed by the pandemic’s economic fallout. A just, inclusive recovery must ensure we don’t leave anyone behind.

We join our coalition partners in calling for a recovery that allows for communities in LA and across the state to rise up from this crisis stronger than before. We can build back a brighter, better future. Take action today!