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We will not stand for it.

January 8, 2021

We are horrified about the events that unfolded this week in the U.S. Capitol and here in California, as violent mobs took to the streets in an insurrection against a peaceful and democratic transfer of power. At Public Counsel, we believe in the awesome power and potential of the law to deliver justice. What we witnessed this week was the opposite. It was lawlessness, and as we mourn, we recognize the deep responsibility all of us who value the rule of law have to ensure that it remains the standard by which we live and govern in this nation.

The violence Wednesday was precipitated by years of attacks against our nation’s most cherished institutions and active encouragement of white supremacy by some in elevated positions of power in this country. Elected officials and media personalities have fanned conspiracy theories and promoted nationalist ideologies all in an effort to gain and hold on to power. Sadly, this conduct includes those in the highest offices in the land.

Wednesday was not an isolated incident. It was the culmination of ongoing assaults against our democratic ideals over several years. Our system of government was designed to allow for resolution of disagreements over policy or the direction of the country in a peaceful manner. It was not designed to accommodate lawless refusal to recognize the results of a properly conducted election of the people.

The events of the past week remind us that our work at Public Counsel is more critical than ever. Public Counsel and its peer civil rights and legal services organizations are dedicated to enforcing the rule of law and ensuring that democracy and equity are and remain our guiding principles. We assure our supporters that we will be here, vigilant and ready, to enforce our ideals – the ideals on which our country was founded – no matter what assaults are mounted or what rhetorical attacks are launched. While the United States has not always lived up to the ideals of democracy and equality, it has always aspired to them. Public Counsel will work to encourage progress towards America’s aspirations and will always stand opposed to the kind of anti-democratic displays we saw earlier this week.


Margaret M. Morrow

President & CEO