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Justice continues. So do we.

Check out how we're stepping up for our community - watch the video!

As the coronavirus and ensuing economic fallout have ravaged our country, we’ve seen firsthand how this crisis heightens social and systemic inequalities. Structural racism, disparities in the labor market, and differences in citizenship status are contributing to how this pandemic impacts our communities.

The work of legal first responders is now more important than ever, and our attorneys and advocates are on the frontlines to defend the most vulnerable groups and to push for just policies at the state and local level. Please take a moment to watch THIS VIDEO to see how our team has fought to ensure that decision makers keep the health and safety of all communities at the forefront of policy discussions.

Here is a summary of just some of the ways our organization has responded to ensure that justice and equity prevail in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic:

Protecting renters, homeowners and the unhoused

  • Successfully advocated for the LAPD to broaden the ban on vehicles tows during the pandemic – read the letter here.
  • Urged state leaders to protect homeowners from predatory lending programs and risk of foreclosure – read the letter here.
  • Successfully called on the LA Superior Court to release all driver’s license holds imposed due to failure to appear – read the letter here.
  • Advocated for the courts to suspend eviction proceedings during the pandemic – read our letter here

Helping to get assistance to those who need it

  • Helped raised more than $236,000 in cash assistance for the Street Vendor Emergency Funds to assist vendors who have lost their livelihoods. A hundred vendors have already received their $400 cash cards.

Fighting for the release of vulnerable detainees being held in unconscionable conditions in detention amid a pandemic

  • Working with the County of LA to protect youth unsafely held at juvenile facilities – read the letter here.
  • Held ICE accountable for endangering the lives of immigrants during the pandemic and won the release of individuals held in ICE detention – read about the victory here.
  • Secured the release of an asylum seeker from ICE detention – learn more here.
  • Filed an amicus brief urging the Ninth Circuit to reject ICE's request to block a district court order requiring Adelanto to remedy its egregious constitutional violations – read the brief here.