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LA County Settlement Major Step in Ending the Jail-to-Homelessness Cycle

December 7, 2018

video linkAfter three years of legal negotiations, we have reached a groundbreaking settlement with the County of Los Angeles to provide bolstered mental health support to people incarcerated in the L.A. County jail system. These policy reforms will help to break the jail-to-Skid Row cycle and will reduce homelessness.

The County of Los Angeles will adopt a robust policy to assist people with mental disabilities in transitioning from jail to the community and to aid them in accessing essential services. The new approach was the result of a settlement agreement with a group of disabled and homeless former inmates of Los Angeles County jails represented by Public Counsel and Munger, Tolles & Olson.

Under this settlement, Los Angeles County will adopt an approach to its treatment of persons with mental disabilities that promises to make important steps in reducing recidivism. By engaging in a proactive release planning process that addresses the housing, medical care, employment, benefits, and social needs of individuals with mental illness and by promoting relationships with community-based providers, the settlement provisions will make it easier for individuals with mental illness to reenter civil society and reduce the likelihood of homelessness and recidivism.

 “The new policy will give individuals with mental disabilities essential support that will help them reenter society and access the services that they need. Los Angeles County is taking important and progressive steps toward ensuring that mentally disabled people are not released from jail onto our streets. This is a critical advance in the battle against the cycle of homelessness and incarceration in Los Angeles.” - Alisa Hartz of Public Counsel.

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