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Public Counsel says "Yes on 10!"

Public Counsel enthusiastically supports Proposition 10 and the Yes on 10 campaign.

All over Los Angeles County, and across California, tenants and working families are struggling to make ends meet amidst an unprecedented affordable housing crisis. Recent data shows that almost one-third of Angelenos are severely rent burdened, meaning that they spend more than half of their income on rent. Every day, Public Counsel works with low-income clients who experience homelessness or who are at imminent risk of homelessness because rents are too high, and the supply of affordable housing is too low.

In response to this crisis, a statewide movement of working Californians have introduced a ballot measure that will give cities and counties greater ability to help keep people in their homes. Proposition 10 would reinstate local jurisdictions’ ability to adopt and update rent control policies and related tenant protections by repealing a state law enacted over 20 years ago known as the Costa-Hawkins Act. Costa-Hawkins prohibits cities from adopting rent control policies for units constructed after February 1995, or even earlier in cities that had already adopted rent control ordinances when Costa-Hawkins passed. This prevents cities and counties from updating their rent control policies to provide protections for current tenants. Costa-Hawkins also allows property owners to raise the cost of a rent-controlled unit to market rate whenever a tenant vacates, which creates a strong financial incentive for property owners to push out long-term tenants.

Proposition 10 does not mandate rent control. Rather, it simply restores to cities and counties the ability to adopt strong tenant protection policies in the future, thereby allowing communities to address the affordable housing crisis in ways that best address local needs. Decades of failed policies have led to our current housing crisis, and it will take time to ensure that all Californians will have access to affordable housing. While it will not automatically resolve our housing crisis, Proposition 10 is a necessary step toward creating the housing stability working Californians need now as we continue to advance a wide-range of equitable development policies.

Read our full statement of support for Proposition 10 HERE.