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A Shared Mission to Make the Literacy Crisis Infamous

“Literacy is the cornerstone of all education; it is the cornerstone of our democracy. Absent literacy, a child has no way to obtain knowledge, communicate with the world, or participate in the institutions and activities of citizenship,”
Mark Rosenbaum, Director of Public Counsel’s Opportunity Under Law

Last year Public Counsel and Sidley Austin LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of a class of Detroit students to confirm the right of access to literacy for all students. Recently we partnered with the strategy and creative agency, Enso, to “spark a cultural fire” to support our literacy campaign.  

literacy summit


Over two days in June, Public Counsel and Enso convened more than 100 leaders from a diverse array of backgrounds around the shared belief that access to literacy is a basic right, not a privilege. We are building a shared mission across a broad spectrum of stakeholders to combat the literacy crisis. If you'd like to get involved and learn more, visit the working hub for this campaign at: www.righttoliteracy.co

This forum was made possible by the generous support and vision of Public Counsel Board Member, David Johnson.


literacy banner

To learn more about our groundbreaking lawsuit to advance the constitutional right of access to literacy, click HERE. Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe called the lawsuit “both creative and rock-solid,” and added: “If you think of Brown v. Board as one shoe that dropped, this is the other shoe.”