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YES on Los Angeles County Measure H

We have all seen the numerous tents, makeshift shelters and encampments occupied by individuals experiencing homelessness throughout Los Angeles County. With insufficient affordable housing in Los Angeles, too many women, children, veterans and individuals with disabilities simply have no other place to live. Accordingly, the City and County of Los Angeles have collaborated on a unprecedented level with advocates, homeless individuals and other stakeholders to develop and adopt comprehensive plans to address this crisis. Drawing on best practices aimed at housing currently homeless individuals and preventing homelessness for countless others, a number of these strategies have been implemented and have begun to yield positive outcomes. But the future of these plans and the realization their goals requires significantly more funding than is available from existing City, County, State or Federal resources.

One step toward closing this gap occurred last November when voters in the City of Los Angeles overwhelmingly passed Measure HHH to fund construction of much needed affordable housing. However, HHH alone will not dramatically reduce the over 47,000 who are homeless throughout Los Angeles County. Crucial supportive services  such as mental health and medical treatment, job training and case management  are not covered by HHH. In addition, preventative programs such as rental assistance are critical to keep families housed who are otherwise one medical event, illness or lost paycheck away from becoming homeless. Measure H will complement HHH and fund these much needed services throughout the entire County.

If passed, a new quarter cent sales tax will be assessed on personal property to raise about $350 million per year for the next 10 years. This is not a tax on food, rent, medical services or transportation and therefore is not expected to disproportionately impact the communities Public Counsel serves. In fact, it is estimated to cost the average consumer about $1 per month. In addition, it is expected that the money will start being available for services in our communities as early as July 2017.

Measure H provides the sustainable funding source that Public Counsel believes is essential to substantially address homelessness. Since revenue generated under Measure H is restricted to supportive services for homeless individuals and those on the verge of homelessness, there is assurance that the County will not be able to reallocate these dollars for any other purpose. The addition of a citizen’s advisory committee and annual independent evaluations provide additional oversight, assessment and accountability for how these funds are utilized and whether they are achieving the desired results.

For each of these reasons, Public Counsel and a broad base of other nonprofits, governments, members of the business community and labor unions support Measure H. 

On March 7th, lend your support and vote to help end homelessness for 45,000 Angelenos and prevent homelessness for 30,000 others. Vote yes on Measure H.

For more information visit www.VoteYesOnH.com, or click HERE to see a video about the campaign launch.