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Will You Protect Children from Deportation?

Nicholas and public counsel attorneyRight now in immigration courts across the country, no immigrants are at greater risk of being deported and killed in their home countries than Central American and Mexicanchildren. Over 200 of Public Counsel's current clients are children who fled rape, torture and death threats in their countries to seek refuge in the United States. The federal government contends it has no obligation to provide these children with lawyers and has argued that even 3-year-old children can learn enough immigration law to act as their own lawyer in immigration court. Our government pays for a trained prosecutor and immigration judge, while these children, for the most part, stand alone.  

We did not realize things could get much worse for these children, but we were wrong. Given anticipated changes in immigration policy, the funding that has permitted us to represent these children is at grave risk. Will you stop children from being sent back into danger by DONATING TODAY?

With a Public Counsel lawyer, over 90 percent of unaccompanied minors win their cases. In addition to helping them secure permanent protection in this country, Public Counsel connects the children to the medical and mental health care they need to recover from trauma and thrive.

With Public Counsel’s support, these children show astonishing resilience. Ana arrived at our office in 2014, traumatized and hopeless. She had been kidnapped in her village in Central America while walking home from school. A violent gang held her as a sex slave for a month and threatened every day to kill her. Once released, the gang threatened to kidnap her again, and the police told her they could not protect her. Rather than face more persecution, Ana fled and made the harrowing journey alone to the United States. Once here, Ana was without stable housing or anyone to explain the law to her. Luckily, she found Public Counsel. With our help, she won asylum, and a year later, she now speaks English fluently, has graduated from high school, and is attending community college.  

Sadly, the humanitarian crisis in Central America continues, and children like Ana who have been forced to flee extreme violence continue to need our help. In the wake of anticipated changes in immigration policy and enforcement, now is the time is to channel your concern into action. Please stand in solidarity with immigrant children who arrived in Los Angeles in the hope of finding safety by donating to Public Counsel's immigrant rights appeal today. We need to keep our doors open to immigration clients so we can save lives. Please donate NOW by clicking HERE.