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Passage of Props JJJ & HHH -- Thank You Los Angeles!

In the days and weeks ahead, our country and our communities will be grappling with the implications of this year’s post-election landscape. But Los Angeles voters also gave us something to celebrate on November 8th by showing overwhelming support for measures to fund ending homelessness, schools, transit, and parks, and to advance affordable housing and good jobs. 

Due to the tireless efforts of a large coalition of community partners, including Public Counsel, voters approved Proposition HHH, which will help to fund portions of the plan to combat homelessness adopted earlier this year by the City of Los Angeles. Prop HHH will give us the resources to provide our homeless neighbors a safe place to live, and provides crucial support services and treatment.

And a special congratulations goes to Public Counsel’s Community Development Project (CDP),the Alliance for Community Transit, and over 70 housing, environmental and workers’ rights organizations that supported the passage of Proposition JJJ – creating pathways for Los Angeles residents to access affordable housing and good jobs.  Our team has already jumped into action to ensure the proper implementation of this proposition and will continue to monitor it in the coming months.

We are stronger together. Los Angeles voters forged a path ahead on November 8th that gives hope to us all.