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After Fraud, Facing Down Debt Collectors

Mrs. Simmonds is the sole caregiver for her disabled grandchildren.  When their home needed repairs, Mrs. Simmonds was tricked by a home improvement contractor into signing documents that she could not read.  The contractor did not do what he promised and charged Mrs. Simmonds many times what they had agreed. 

The contractor then sold the alleged debt to a third party, who sued Mrs. Simmonds and began to foreclose on the home.  CLP stepped in and represented Mrs. Simmonds until we could find a pro bono lawyer to take the case. 

Volunteer attorneys Michael Olecki and Ely Grinvald could not have done a better job for the Simmonds family.  The case against Mrs. Simmonds was dismissed, the alleged debt was settled, and the family is now in a position to get that leaky ceiling fixed by a reputable contractor.