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Sidewalk Stimulus: $517 million in Economic Stimulus Generated by Los Angeles Street Vendors

Los Angeles' Street Vendors contribute to the economic vitality of the city and yet the current ban on street vending is blocking their full potential. A new report Sidewalk Stimulus: Economic and Geographic Impact of Los Angeles Street Vendors states that for every $1.00 earned by a street vendor, $1.02 in economic output is stimulated.

What does that mean? That #LAStreetVendors:

  • Generate $517 million in economic stimulus. They are putting money back into our local economy!
  • Sustain 5,234 jobs in Los Angeles through their purchasing activities with 4,000 of these jobs being full-time.
  • Street Vending is a $504 million industry in Los Angeles.

City of Los Angeles and Angelenos win by legalizing street vending.

Public Counsel's Doug Smith has played a vital role in the street vending campaign and had this to say: “'Sidewalk Stimulus' brings important focus to the immense contributions that sidewalk vendors make to our local economy, including generating hundreds of millions in economic activity, creating and sustaining thousands of jobs, and attracting foot traffic and promoting safer streets along commercial corridors. But importantly, the Report also demonstrates the high economic costs that our City incurs by failing to provide any path to legalized vending. With this expert research and analysis in hand, policymakers should feel confident that a citywide sidewalk vending permit system will benefit not only thousands of entrepreneurs and their families, but will improve the economic health of our City."

Read the full report: Economic Stimulus and take action to make LA's economy stronger, encourage innovation, and have livable streets.