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Central American Children Fleeing Violence Need Basic Protections

More than 52,000 children have fled violence and abuse in Central America, sparking a humanitarian crisis that shows no signs of ending.

Public Counsel asked Congress to reject an Obama Administration plan that would put children's lives at risk. The Obama Administration plan released on Monday, June 30, calls for rapid removals of children from Central America.

“Children fleeing violence need more protection, not less. Children have experienced terrible trauma at home and on their journeys to the U.S. We should be applying the highest standards of child welfare to protect these children.

“Yet the plan proposed by the Obama Administration puts children at risk of more violence, more terror, and more trauma if they are returned home without a fair hearing. These children deserve a compassionate response to a humanitarian situation affecting the whole region. More than 52,000 children have sought our country’s protection, but the White House’s plan will fuel the cycle of despair driving children to our borders."

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