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City of Cudahy Pushes for More Early Care Education for Working Families

The City of Cudahy is the latest city in Southeast Los Angeles to commit to supporting the growth of early care learning and to combat obesity.

On Tuesday, May 20, the Cudahy City Council unanimously approved a resolution that it will  work with community partners in the Southeast Early Care and  Education Task Force "to address family needs for both  child care and child friendly active outdoor space."

Click here to read the City of Cudahy resolution on early care and play space.

Cudahy leaders praised the double impact of early care and education on child learning and on the city's economy.

Cudahy City Council member Christian Markovich said: "Growing early care and education is one of the  most important things city leaders can do to make sure  children start school ready to learn. It's one of the  smartest investments we can make in our city's  future."

Andrea Joseph of the California Children's Academy, a member of the  Southeast Early Care and Education Task Force, said: "Children in our community can be smarter, make better  decisions, have more confidence, and strive for a better  future from the very beginning. Early care and education is  an integral part of our local economy, our community, and  our society."

"The children of Cudahy deserve an equal  chance to succeed in life as children in other parts of our  county," said Ritu Mahajan, staff attorney at Public  Counsel, which is a member of the task force.

Last week the nearby City of Maywood also unanimously passed a resolution to support the  growth of early care education and play space for children  ages 0-5.

The Southeast Cities Early Care and Education Task Force includes community-based groups who want to ensure young children  start school ready to learn and with a healthy start for life.

Early care and education can help close the achievement gaps with their peers from wealthier areas. Research by the Los Angeles County Office of Child Care shows that access to quality early care lags far behind in Southeast LA County.

Public Counsel is working to expand access to early care and play space across Southeast LA County through a grant from First 5 LA and the California Community Foundation.