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Public Counsel Joins Call to Support Kinship Caregivers to Foster Youth

Public Counsel is part of the Step Up for Kin effort

Relatives step up to care for children in the foster care system every day. Yet California denies state foster care funding to more than half of all foster children living with a relative. This year we aim to change that.

Public Counsel has joined the Alliance for Children's Rights' statewide effort to support relative caregivers and protect children.

On Kinship Advocacy Day, April 8, 2014, advocates and caregivers will be talking to lawmakers about two important issues:

  • AB 1882 – A bill that would make it easier for kinship families to access benefits and supplemental supports for the foster children in their care.
  • A budget request that would ensure that every child in foster care, including children placed with relatives, receives a foster care benefit, regardless of whether the child is eligible for federal foster care benefits.

More than a dozen organizations leading the fight for foster youth and their caregivers have joined the effort, including the John Burton Foundation, Children Now, and Children's Law Center.

Donita, a relative caregiver who to Assembly members, said that “If I was a [non-relative], I would be paid one standard but because I’m a relative, I’m paid another."

"I’m up with her every night.  I love her. I care for her.  My family sacrifices greatly for her.  And my question for you is what makes a [non-relative’s] time, love and effort worth more than the time, love and effort that I put into Isabella?"

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Learn more about this important issue at StepUpforKin.org.