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Reaching 8,000 Adoptions -- With a Lot of Help From Our Friends

Adoption Day 2013

Above: Attorneys and legal staff from the Walt Disney Company helped Ron and Teresa Davis finalize the adoption of their grandson Raymond from foster care. Click here to view more photos from National Adoption Day at our Flickr page.


A child's adoption from foster care should be a joyous occasion. Legal teams from major Southern California corporations work hard to make that happen.

Public Counsel has united more than 8,000 children with new families with pro bono help from some of the biggest names in Southern California, including Southern California Edison and the Walt Disney Company.

Southern California Edison attorney Ian Forrest finalized the adoption of four brothers by Steven Alba and Trevor Tolliver. They first saw the boys featured on Fox-11’s adoption program Wednesday’s Child. Originally they had planned to adopt one child, but when they saw the boys dressed up in Halloween costumes, they decided to adopt all four brothers.

 “We had to get used to the assembly line style of making lunches. And now it’s just life,” said Alba. “Halloween has gotten even bigger.”

Southern California Edison adoption team

Above: Legal staff from Southern California Edison take a team approach to adoptions -- making sure everyone can participate.


Southern California Edison pairs attorneys with other legal staff members to make sure everyone can participate not just in court but helping in other ways, such as translation for Spanish-speaking families.

Attorneys and legal staff from the Walt Disney Company have also developed a team approach to assisting families. They joined their first adoption day in August 2013.

"Adoption Day was a simply incredible experience – so much energy, happiness and excitement as children joined their 'forever' families," Walt Disney Company attorney Susan Kigawa said about handling her first adoption case. "To be able to use my legal training to join a child with a new family is something that is a truly rewarding and memorable experience."

Walt Disney Company attorneys helped Ron and Teresa Davis finalize the adoption of their 6-year-old grandson, Raymond. “I’m his papa, he’s been with me since he was born. I can’t see him being with any other family,” Ron said. “I’m going to stay younger longer.”

"I am happy that I could help to bring a child and her new family together,” said attorney Kigawa. “Adoption Day was definitely an experience I will never forget."