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Entrepreneur's Dream of Healthy Food for People on the Run Gets a Jumpstart with Trademark Help

“Stix & Straws” is the brainchild of Cory Nymeyer, a self-declared foodie with an entrepreneur’s spirit that started early – as a child he invented his own candy. Equipped with the revolutionary idea of offering nutritious meals on a stick, Nymeyer made his dream a reality by opening Stix & Straws in 2010. “The need to eat and run is how Stix and Straws came about, and health is the key ingredient to the brand,” he explained.  “It takes into account the need for people to get a healthy meal while keeping up with today’s fast-paced society.” The mission is simple: use all natural ingredients to “serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week.” In order to protect his business, Cory contacted Public Counsel’s Community Development Project (“CDP”) for assistance.

CDP connected Stix & Straws to Clark Gross, an intellectual property attorney with the Law Offices of Clark D. Gross in Los Angeles. Mr. Gross assisted Stix & Straws with obtaining a trademark and copyright of the company’s logo. Working with Stix & Straws as well as CDP was a “very positive and professional experience,” said Mr. Gross. “Cory has a very inventive restaurant concept and he is far beyond what one would expect from a first time entrepreneur.”

“Our experience working with Clark Gross and CDP was great,” says Nymeyer. “Clark was easy to work with and is a super guy.” With Mr. Gross’ expertise, “obtaining a trademark has allowed us to establish our own brand,” he states. As their only source of income, the brand has given Cory and his family confidence and a sense of ownership.

Cory happily reports that the El Segundo-based business is beginning to thrive and plans to save their hard earned profit to open another store in the near future. If you stop by, Cory recommends the 3 stick combo (chicken, fish, and shrimp) with tartar, Thai peanut, and sweet chili sauce. Congratulations to Stix & Straws and thank you to Clark for the pro bono time you spent helping bolster this up and coming restaurant!

Click here to learn more about Stix & Straws as well as to check out their menu.