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Public Counsel Supports L.A. Preschool Plan to Help Close Achievement Gap

Public Counsel supports a move by Los Angeles school leaders to put preschoolers on the path to success. On June 18, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education considers a resolution to establish a Preschool through 3rd grade (P-3) Alignment and Articulation Task Force.

The Task Force would develop a comprehensive plan to align preschool through 3rd grade, to ensure that more Los Angeles students start kindergarten ready to learn and help close the achievement gap between students who have access to quality early education and those who lack it.

"Our communities are in need of programs that include early care and education services for our youngest children that will provide them with the opportunities for a better future," said Public Counsel's Karla Howell. "It is crucial that once these services are offered that there are opportunities for continued alignment with the child’s early years in education."

According to the Los Angeles school resolution, "without early education programs, children growing up in low-income households lose ground to their middle-class peers and that gap only widens as they advance through elementary school.... During a child’s first three years of life, their brains are being wired for future success."

Public Counsel is part of the Southeast Cities Early Care and Education Task Force, which seeks to expand access to early care for working families in Southeast Los Angeles County.