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In Support of Catherine Lhamon's Nomination to the U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights Post

"Catherine Lhamon is a world-class attorney who never steps away from a challenge where our children's futures are concerned. She is also a problem-solver who brings people together for better schools. She has worked alongside teachers, parents, community members and school leaders to deliver our nation's promise of opportunity to every child."

"Catherine's civil rights legacy in California is remarkable, not just in education but in all areas. Children have textbooks and schools in condition for teaching and learning today because of her work on Williams v. California. Students who faced losing more than 70% of their teachers to budget-based layoffs have stability for the first time in years due to Reed v. State. Thousands have benefited from her passionate pursuit of equality in areas of housing, employment and public safety. 

"Civil rights is not a battle in the past, it is a fight for the future of our schools. America's students, parents and educators could not have a stronger champion. I urge the Senate to approve her nomination."