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Time Is Now to Fix Outdated School Finance System

Public Counsel has joined the effort to fix California’s broken school finance system. The current school funding system is "outdated, irrational and inequitable," according to a statement signed by Public Counsel and more than 100 groups and school and elected leaders.

"California has the opportunity to make a historic investment to help deliver on the constitutional promise of equal educational opportunity for all students," said Education Rights Director Laura Faer. 

Principles that Public Counsel and many other groups stand behind as the Governor and legislature craft this historic reform measure:

  • No school district loses funding as we transition to the new formula;
  • There is equal access to base funding for students across the state, something we have long talked about, but have yet to achieve;
  • There are meaningful additional investments in the students with the highest needs;
  • Investments in high-need students are made in a more rational way and the students and schools who generate the additional dollars, benefit from those dollars;
  • Districts have the flexibility to determine how to improve educational outcomes among all groups of students in response to being held accountable for raising student achievement and outcomes across the board; and
  • Districts have stability and time to plan for future investments during the multi-year transition.

Click here to read the full statement at ChildrenNow.org.