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Direct Deposit now required for Social Security and SSI payments

As of March 1, 2013, recipients of  Social Security, SSI, Veteran’s, and other federal benefits payments must choose an electronic or direct deposit method of receiving the monthly payments. There will be virtually no more paper checks after that date.

For some time, new beneficiaries have been required to elect either direct deposit in a bank or credit union account, or the Direct Express EBT debit card. Recipients of ongoing payments (or their payees) who are still receiving paper checks must arrange to switch to one of these two forms of electronic transmission before March 1st. For anyone currently receiving a paper check who fails to arrange a change by that date, the plan is to enroll them in Direct Express by default, and just send them a debit card, with instructions on how to use it.

At present, this is the only exception to the rule:

Automatic waivers are granted to people born on or before May 1, 1921. Check recipients living in remote areas without sufficient banking infrastructure may apply for a waiver, as well as check recipients for whom electronic payments would impose a hardship due to a mental impairment. Waiver applications can be requested by calling 800-333-1795.

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