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Public Counsel Dedicates Ronald M. George Public Interest Library

Recently retired California Chief Justice Ronald M. George held a firm belief in his four decades of judicial service: that the courthouse doors needed to be open to everyone.

Over our 40 years, Public Counsel has worked for the same goal.

Chief Justice George joined sitting federal and state appellate judges and Public Counsel board members on July 17, 2012, to dedicate the Chief Justice Ronald M. George Public Interest Library.

"The four decades of Public Counsel has coincided with my four decades of judicial service, and public access and access to justice has always been in the forefront of my efforts," Chief Justice George said. "As chief justice I was able to encourage different efforts to try to expand access to the public as well, and often those dovetailed with Public Counsel."

Chief Justice George helped open the courthouse door to millions of Californians by championing legal services, self-help centers, and the pioneering Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act to use court fees to provide representation to people in high-stakes civil cases. Public Counsel and three other groups launched the Shriver Housing Project in 2012.

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