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More than 60 Groups Oppose LA City Housing Law That Would Target Veterans, Seniors

Los Angeles neighborhoodThousands of Angelenos share housing across the city. They include veterans returning from service, people with disabilities  and seniors seeking to live independently, and students.

But a proposed city ordinance would target those very people in residential neighborhoods.

More than 60 groups including Public Counsel have signed a letter that supports shared housing as a solution to homelessness and a path to independence and security. Click here to read the letter (pdf).

Affordable housing providers, lawyers, and advocates for homeless people, veterans, and individuals with disabilities say they are "deeply concerned that the proposed ordinance will increase homelessness among families, youth, veterans, people with disabilities, and seniors."

They oppose the so-called Community Care Facilities Ordinance that would require tenants in single-family residential neighborhoods to share a lease. That requirement violates the principles of independent living and puts people at higher risk of abuse or eviction. Another part of the proposed law would require any residential building with two or more unrelated parolees or probationers to obtain a conditional use permit, and outright prohibit these homes in single-family neighborhoods.

The Los Angeles Times editorial page said the law "could leave well-run group homes offering sober living or transitional housing for the homeless, veterans and people recently released from jails and prisons at risk of being displaced." Click here to read the editorial.

Officials at the City's Housing Department and Housing Authority have said the law as written would also violate fair housing rules and put at risk millions of dollars in federal funding that is used to address the city's housing crisis.

Who opposes the crackdown on shared housing and independent living?

  • More than 60 groups including Public Counsel, affordable housing providers and advocates for people who are homeless
  • LA City Councilman Richard Alarcon
  • The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
  • The Los Angeles City Housing Department
  • The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles

Click here to read the letter supporting shared housing signed by more than 60 groups (pdf).