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Nation's Largest School Police Force Joins LAPD in Reducing Tickets to Students

Nabil Romero was just months from graduating when he received a curfew ticket from L.A. School Police officers earlier this year. The experience made him question whether police are encouraging students to get to school -- or whether thousands of curfew tickets written every year are having the opposite effect.

"When you’re dealing with real-life issues dragging you down and making you late to school, the last thing you need when you get there is to run into police treating you like a criminal and making you feel like there’s no point to trying anymore," said Romero, who graduated from Roybal Learning Complex in downtown L.A. "It’s good to see LASPD realize they need to support students instead of turning us back."

Romero joined other students, parents and teachers who have called on the L.A. School Police Department to change its rules on ticketing students on their way to school. On Oct. 19, LASPD Chief Steven K. Zipperman sent the new protocols to officers at the nation's largest school police force.

"The Los Angeles School Police Department supports the educational mission of the school district and the Superintendent’s goals of attendance and graduation improvement and reducing the cycle of student ‘push out,’ ” said Chief Zipperman, referring to policies that put courts and police, not schools and parents, in control of students' education.

The Los Angeles School Police Department now joins the Los Angeles Police Department in a joint effort to support students in their effort to graduate.

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