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LA Times Exposes How California Is Failing Its Farm Workers

Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times exposes California’s failure to enforce rules meant to protect farm workers from heat-related illness. The story is a response to Public Counsel’s lawsuit that seeks to strengthen these protections and keep California farm workers safe.

"California farm workers face the harshest conditions imaginable, yet our state has failed to take basic steps our constitution and laws demand to ensure that they have life-saving water and shade when picking the food we eat," said Catherine Lhamon, Public Counsel's director of impact litigation and lead counsel on Bautista v. California with Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP.

"No one should die from not having enough water, rest, or shade, and Public Counsel is working to make sure that never happens."

Farm workers are some of California’s hardest-working residents, yet every summer they face conditions that are among the harshest in American industry. Soaring temperatures and a lack of basic protections from the heat create a deadly situation that has claimed the lives of at least 15 workers since 2005. Cal/OSHA is investigating the possible heat-related deaths of two agricultural laborers in 2011.

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