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Public Counsel in the LA Times: How Miguel Canto Went Missing

Public Counsel's Talia Inlender is part of a team of attorneys working to win legal rights for immigrants with mental disabilities. It's a story that's happening mostly in secret, behind the scenes of America's broken immigration system. Now it's being told. She wrote in the Los Angeles Times about Miguel Canto, a man who got lost in that system and then was released to the streets:

It's been more than two months since Miguel Canto went missing. But he has been lost for a lot longer. For 10 months, Canto — a man with a brain injury so severe he cannot remember his own birth date — was one of nearly 400,000 men, women and children who are caught up in our nation's immigration detention system every year. On April 25, the government released Canto from custody. He was taken to a homeless shelter, and the next day he walked out into the bright Southern California light.

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