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Sister and Brother Reunited in a New Loving Family

"Jaime" and "Jennifer" were scared and confused after their mother overdosed on drugs, their father abandoned them and they were removed from their home. Because Child Protective Services could not find a relative to take the children, they were placed in separate emergency foster homes-losing their last semblance of a family.

Public Counsel worked with County agencies to find a family for Jennifer. When she told them of her longing for Jaime, her new family agreed to adopt him as well. Our Children's Rights Project and volunteers through its Adoptions Unit finalized the adoptions of Jamie and Jennifer, who now are united in a stable family. 

In its 10 year history, Public Counsel's Adoptions Unit has helped to create new families for over 7,000 abused, abandoned and neglected children, helping them experience the joy of a permanent loving family and heal the wounds of a broken home.