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Pregnant and Homeless

Homelessness Prevention Law Project AmeriCorps Legal Fellow Christine Khalili-Borna met "Denise" at a legal clinic staffed by Public Counsel at a drop-in center for homeless youth.  Denise had trouble trusting others and found it difficult to work with adults, but she had many issues with which she needed assistance.  Denise was 19 years old, single, pregnant, homeless, had outstanding tickets, and was working as a prostitute to support herself. 

In collaboration with a social worker, Christine was able to get Denise off the street and into housing, obtain Medi-Cal benefits to pay for pre-natal and post-natal services, connect Denise with independent living benefits available to her as a former foster youth, and provide her with legal guidance on how to handle her outstanding tickets.  Christine and the social worker were also able to develop a level of trust with Denise that enabled them to provide encouragement and support for her to stop working on the streets.

Each year, our Homelessness Prevention Law Project helps hundreds of homeless clients including government benefits advocacy and removing other barriers to obtaining housing and work.