Peace of Mind Program-Joint Guardianship of the Person


The Peace of Mind Program began in 1994 to provide parents who live with a life-threatening illness with the "Peace of Mind" that their children will be cared for always. 

This brochure describes joint guardianship, which may help terminally ill parents care for their children.  Many terminally ill parents are concerned about who will provide care for their children in the future. At the same time, they may not feel ready to give up custody. The Joint Guardianship Law allows a parent to choose a joint guardian who will participate in the care of the child when needed and assume care when the parent is no longer present. Most importantly, a joint guardianship allows a parent to share custody of the child. They do not lose control or custody. In general, joint guardianship may be granted by the court if a parent has symptoms and is unable to parent at times.