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November 20, 2014

President Obama's Immigration Plan Shifts Balance toward Fairness for Families

LOS ANGELES – Public Counsel Director of Immigrants’ Rights Judy London released this statement in response to President Obama’s announcement of major changes to the nation’s immigration enforcement rules. Public Counsel has one of the nation’s largest nonprofit immigration practices for unaccompanied children, victims of fraud and domestic violence, and people seeking asylum:

“For too long our nation’s broken immigration rules have divided families and undermined our country’s most cherished principles of justice. Today President Obama has shifted the balance of America’s immigration laws back in the direction of fairness.

“The president has embraced the principles that should guide American immigration law: keeping families together, supporting young people to pursue their futures, and promoting people’s dignity. Families who have lived here for decades and contributed to our society will have the chance to watch their American-born children grow up, free from the fear of deportation.

“President Obama has the legal authority to take action to keep families together and to promote the dreams of high school and college graduates. He has offered hope to millions of immigrants who have lived in the United States for years, instead of the threat of deportation that hurts our economy and our society.

“The President’s action will give hope to millions of American workers, parents and children. But it only starts to repair the damage from Congress’ failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Comprehensive immigration reform is still necessary to deliver on America’s promise of justice and prosperity.  We are a nation of immigrants. It is precisely our country’s history of welcoming and integrating immigrants that has allowed us to achieve greatness as a unified nation. We have not become the world’s leading democracy by creating a system of those who have and those who have not; or those who belong and those who do not. Congress must now act to unite all Americans by insuring a path to citizenship for the millions of hard-working immigrants who love this country. We will only truly move forward as a country once we fully recognize the contributions of immigrants, and insure their full citizenship.”

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