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October 16, 2014

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Antelope Valley Residents and City of Lancaster Stand Together to Promote Fair Housing for Section 8 Participants

The Community Action League and the California State Conference of the NAACP announced today they will move forward with the City of Lancaster to promote fair housing for all Lancaster residents.

Click, Call To Learn About Keep Your Home California

Keep Your Home California is a state-run program with almost $2 billion in federal funds to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Statement: Supreme Court Health Care Decision Protects Angelenos Struggling With Poverty and Homelessness

Public Counsel's Director of Homelessness Prevention, Will Watts, says the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is good news for millions of Americans struggling with homelessness or poverty who can't afford to buy health insurance.

Statement: Governor's Plan Fails Californians Still Fighting Foreclosure

Groups that assist homeowners said Governor Brown should restore money meant to hold banks accountable and prevent foreclosures.

Patient Dumped by Los Angeles Hospital and Lost in Skid Row Sues Over Negligence

In the latest case of Southern California patient dumping, Public Counsel and attorney Steven D. Archer of Kiesel, Boucher & Larson LLP filed a lawsuit on Friday, February 3, against White Memorial Medical Center and Dr. Michael Hernandez. The lawsuit centers on Jesse Bravo, a married father of four who discharged him without his consent or his family's knowledge. He was lost on Los Angeles' Skid Row for two days.

City of Palmdale Agrees to Resolve Lawsuit and Promote Fair Housing for Section 8 Participants

Public Counsel announces an agreement between the City of Palmdale and residents, The Community Action League and the California State Conference of the NAACP that will prevent discrimination in its community. The agreement was approved by the Palmdale City Council on Feb. 1 and settles a lawsuit filed in June 2011 on behalf of families who are part of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and faced harassment and intimidation in Antelope Valley cities for many years. The action comes a week after Los Angeles County Supervisors voted on Tuesday, Jan. 24, to institute new protocols for Section 8 program investigators and Sheriff’s Department personnel.

Public Counsel Launches Major Initiative to Help Hollywood's Homeless Veterans

Public Counsel announces a major initiative to assist homeless veterans with legal issues preventing them from finding a home or a job. The three-year project is funded through generous support from Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti, Aileen Getty, and the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of California.

Garden Grove Residents Act to Stop Eviction Over Proposed Water Park

Facing the loss of their homes, longtime Garden Grove residents are fighting the City of Garden Grove's plans to evict them while using taxpayer money for a hotel and water park project that is still seeking outside financing - and may not break ground for years.

Venice Residents Announce Major Agreement to Protect Affordable Homes and a Diverse Neighborhood

Venice residents announced and agreement that extends affordable housing protections for 20 years at Holiday Venice, the largest federally-subsidized housing development on Los Angeles' Westside.

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Action Is an Important Step Toward Justice for Antelope Valley Residents

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has voted to halt enhanced inspections of Antelope Valley families participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program after residents alleged racial discrimination by the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale. In a statement, attorneys for residents called it "an important step toward justice in the Antelope Valley."

Federal Lawsuit Aims to End Antelope Valley 'War' on African American and Latino Residents

Antelope Valley residents are going to court on Tuesday, June 7, to stop racial discrimination against people seeking a better life for their families in Lancaster and Palmdale. The lawsuit challenges the two cities' policies and practices that have targeted more than 3,600 black and Latino families using federal housing subsidies in the historically white area.

Los Angeles Legal Groups Receive $8.4 Million to Assist Individuals and Families in Housing Cases

Public Counsel is one of four prominent legal aid groups today awarded $8.4 million over three years to provide legal representation and other assistance to 15,000 people facing eviction in some of Los Angeles' poorest neighborhoods. The unprecedented program is one of seven pilot projects awarded funding today by the Judicial Council of California in a statewide effort to provide representation to individuals and families in high-stakes civil cases.

Statement: Affordable Housing Is Working for All Californians

Public Counsel released a statement calling for the California Legislature to protect affordable housing for all Californians.

Veteran's Advocacy Project Works to Stem the Tide of Homelessness

It is estimated that on any given night there are approximately 154,000 homeless veterans living in the streets of America.

Residents Sue To Prevent City's Planned Destruction of Affordable Housing

Group Alleges City Violated State Law by Failing to Provide Replacement Housing Plan or Adequate Relocation Benefits in connection with Plan To Destroy 100 Homes for Hotel and Water Park Development.