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September 26, 2012

Click, Call To Learn About Keep Your Home California


Let’s be clear: foreclosure is a difficult, emotional, gut-wrenching process. Foreclosure turns the American Dream into a real-life nightmare.

Keep Your Home California is an alternative to foreclosure for low and moderate income homeowners, hopefully turning toss-and-turn nights into restful sleep.

So far, more than 25,000 families are well on their way to keeping their homes since the program started early this year. While not every homeowner will qualify, we are working to make this process as simple as possible.

We have some of the largest mortgage servicers — including Bank of America and Wells Fargo – to much-smaller providers in the program. For a list of servicers who are participating, check Please note that your servicer must be participating for you to obtain benefits from this program. If your servicer is not participating, please check back as we are consistently updating our list – you may also contact your servicer to see when they will be joining the program.

We encourage homeowners facing foreclosure to check, which answers many questions about the program, including the first steps of determining eligibility. The website details  income levels – because low or moderate income levels vary based on where you live ($75,000 in Contra Costa County doesn’t go nearly as far as in Fresno County) – and outlines the four programs, from getting cash-strapped consumers current on their mortgage payments to helping the jobless remain in their homes. And some homeowners are eligible for multiple programs, and tens of thousands of dollars.

Homeowners also can call Keep Your Home California representatives Monday through Saturday at 888-954-KEEP (5337). Representatives can answer questions and walk homeowners through the process, determining if they are eligible. You will need some uninterrupted time for the call.

If you are serious about avoiding foreclosure – and keeping your home – start doing the homework and take the next step. Check the site, call the toll-free number and make the commitment to avoiding foreclosure.