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January 01, 2012

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Forged and Fraudulent Deeds
In the current economic climate, criminal fraud related to real property deeds appears to be on the rise.

Property Reassessment Solicitations
Consumers in Los Angeles County are warned to be on the alert for mail solicitations from private companies offering to "assist" homeowners with the filing of property tax reassessment forms for substantial fees of $179 or more. This is a service the County Assessor's Office provides for free.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams
Many consumers are faced with a mortgage they can no longer afford and are facing foreclosure. Unscrupulous opportunists are profiting from this crisis. They promise quick results for a fee but actually provide nothing.

Home Rental Fraud
Many houses have been vacated by homeowners facing foreclosure. Con artists are profiting from this crisis by posing as landlords and renting vacant homes to unsuspecting renters. They offer enticing properties at below-market rental rates. In reality, they are stealing your money and leaving you homeless.

Banking Information Request Scam
Consumers should be extremely wary of telephone calls requesting sensitive banking information. These "robo-calls" asks call recipients to verify sensitive account information. Criminals use this information to take over victims' bank accounts, apply for credit cards or obtain cash.