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April 11, 2011

Class Notice in Landmark Settlement with Los Angeles County Office of Education and Probation Department


You can view the Spanish and English class notices in the Casey A. v. Gundry, et al. matter here.  The class action settlement involves Camp Challenger in Lancaster, County, which refers to the following six camps in Lancaster, California: Camp Jarvis, Camp McNair, Camp Onizuka, Camp Resnick, Camp Scobee, and Camp Smith.

Campamento Challenger se refiere a los siguientes seis campamentos en Lancaster, California: Campamento Jarvis, Campamento McNair, Campamento Onizuka, Campamento Resnick, Campamento Scobee, y Campamento Smith.


Notice of Settlement of Class Action Litigation [English version]

Aviso del establecimiento del pleito de la demanda colectiva [Spanish version]

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