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Public Counsel's Homelessness Prevention Law Project strives to reduce the number of homeless individuals in our community by focusing on the needs of populations that are at high risk of becoming chronically homeless. The project provides representation to individuals or families and offers regular clinics. Read More

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Public Counsel CARES


The General Relief Advocacy Project is now Public Counsel CARES: Connecting Angelenos to Resources and Essential Services. Los Angeles residents in need count on critical public services to feed their families or keep a roof over their heads. For nearly 25 years, Public Counsel has been on their side.

Visit the Public Counsel CARES home page to learn more about how we help and get involved.


  • Toberman Legal Clinic Public Counsel's legal clinic at the Toberman Family Source Center provides general intake concerning a broad array of legal issues including consumer scams, landlord-tenant, government benefits and immigration issues. This clinic serves clients of the Toberman Family Source Center.
  • Public Counsel CARES: Connecting Angelenos to Resources and Essential Services Public Counsel CARES, formerly known as the General Relief Advocacy Project (GRAP), is a legal advocacy project that takes place in the LA County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) welfare offices. Through the project, volunteer attorneys and students assist impoverished, hungry, and homeless clients with emergency shelter, food, health, transportation, and other social service needs.
  • Homeless Youth Legal Clinic at My Friend's Place Public Counsel's homeless youth legal clinic at My Friend's Place provides a broad range of free legal services and educational workshops for homeless and runaway youth.
  • PATH Legal Clinic Public Counsel's legal clinic at People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) provides comprehensive legal intake and referrals to homeless individuals.
  • Homeless Court Program Application This document contains eligibility information and an application form for the Homeless Court program.
  • CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps) Want to get more food for you and your family? CalFresh can help put food on the table. You may qualify to receive CalFresh benefits, which can help stretch a tight food budget to keep you and your family well-fed and healthy.
  • Surviving the Economic Challenge - Useful Materials for Individuals and Families Have you or someone in your family lost your home or job? Are you or your family struggling to stay in your home and meet your financial obligations due to the economic downturn? This document contains helpful information about legal issues that you may be facing, and referrals to social service agencies that can assist with your specific needs.