How to Report Immigration Fraud

Do not be a victim of immigration fraud. 

Don’t forget that only a licensed attorney can advise you about immigration law, and whether or not you qualify for Deferred Action under President Obama’s directive.  You should not go to notarios or other document preparation services for assistance with your potential case for Deferred Action.

If you believe you have been a victim, here's who to contact:

Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Consumer Protection Division

(213) 580-3273
According to its website, “The District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Division prosecutes businesses engaging in immigration fraud as the law breakers that they are. To that end, the Consumer Protection Division has organized the Los Angeles Immigration Fraud Task Force, a multi-agency law enforcement effort which attacks immigration fraud through the investigation of fraudulent activity, the prosecution of fraud artists, and educational efforts. Those charged with fraudulent immigration practices face severe monetary fines and potential jail sentences.”

Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Consumer Protection Unit

(213) 978-8040

The Consumer Protection Unit’s website states that “under California law, an immigration consultant cannot provide you with any advice on your immigration matters. They are not lawyers and should not and cannot give you advice. An immigration consultant may only provide assistance with translating information, locating and securing documents on your behalf, and completing forms with answers that YOU provide.”

Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs

(213) 974-1452

The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs can initiate investigations of suspected immigration fraud and refer cases to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Department of Justice, State of California – Office of Immigration Assistance

(888) 587-0557

The Office of Immigrant Assistance in the Civil Rights Section of the California Department of Justice was established to help protect the rights of these California consumers and working families.  This new office provides education and outreach services to immigrant communities, and will also be able to direct complaints to appropriate law enforcement agencies and help immigrant communities to understand and use the legal system to seek redress.