Patrick Dunlevy

Patrick Dunlevy is the Directing Attorney of Public Counsel's Consumer Law Project (CLP).  The CLP represents low-income clients who have been defrauded or taken advantage of in a consumer transaction.  The CLP also assists low-income debtors faced with the prospect of having to file for bankruptcy. 

Patrick began his legal career in 1992 as a Staff Attorney at the Inner City Law Center (ICLC) in Los Angeles.  While there, he worked primarily on lawsuits affecting the homeless or tenants living in slum apartment buildings.  In 1998, he became Director of Litigation at ICLC and continued in that capacity until 2003, when he left to join the Hadsell & Stormer law firm in Pasadena.  At Hadsell & Stormer, he worked on numerous high profile and/or impact cases.  These included a case against the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for discrimination in promotions, a case against Chevron for human rights abuses in Nigeria, a case against Unocal for human rights abuses in Burma, a case against the three major supermarket chains in California for wage and hour violations, and the South Central Farmers case, which involved destruction of the largest community garden in the United States.  In 2007, he left Hadsell & Stormer to become a Staff Attorney at the Western Center on Law and Poverty (WCLP).  Later that year, he became Deputy Director of Litigation at WCLP.  While there, he worked on a lawsuit involving discrimination against the elderly and disabled at the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and on a major slum housing lawsuit that he began working on in 2006 when he was at Hadsell & Stormer.  The slum housing lawsuit settled in 2009 and was among the largest per person settlements ever in a habitability lawsuit in Southern California. 

Patrick received his JD degree from the UCLA School of Law and his bachelor's degree from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.