CalFresh - Amounts and Usage

When will I get my CalFresh benefits?

A county must verify your eligibility for CalFresh within 30 days - BUT: you must provide all the necessary documents timely for the application to be approved. If you are approved for CalFresh, your benefits will date back to the day you applied.

For those persons who are eligible for Expedited CalFresh, L.A. County’s policy is to give same-day CalFresh “whenever possible,” but legally, the County may take up to 3 days to process Expedited CalFresh applications.

How much CalFresh will I get?

The exact amount of CalFresh depends on your income and expenses, so until you apply you won't know the actual amount.  

How can I use my CalFresh?

CalFresh benefits are put on an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. You can use the EBT card at grocery stores like a debit card by entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

CalFresh can be used to buy non-prepared foods. However, if you are homeless, disabled, or elderly (60+), you can use your EBT card at certain restaurants to buy hot prepared meals. CalFresh cannot be used to buy alcohol, tobacco, or toiletries.

Many L.A. County Farmers’ Markets accept the EBT card and are a great source of fresh fruits and vegetables.


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