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Getting a fresh start at Homeless Court


With homelessness on the rise due to the economic downturn, many people are in dire need of public assistance to support themselves and reestablish income and housing stability in their lives. With families sadly becoming one of the fastest growing demographics of the homeless population, removing barriers to much needed benefits has become a driving need to ensure that individuals, families, and children do not get trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Public Counsel is one of the preeminent Los Angeles organizations helping individuals and families obtain and keep public benefits, such as food stamps, cash-aid, and social security benefits. Through HPLP clinics and the CARES: Connecting Angelenos to Resources and Essential Services Program, Public Counsel staff, as well as volunteer attorneys from all over Los Angeles, advocate on behalf of clients to help them secure desperately needed shelter, food, healthcare, transportation and social services.

Recent Changes and Updates in Benefits Law

Did you know that now you can earn more money but still may be able to qualify for CalFresh? The California Legislature has recently increased the limits on gross income - your income before taxes.


Know Your Benefits

Learn how food stamps can help you and your family eat well and stay healthy. 

SSI/SSP Recipients NOW Eligible for CalFresh

Beginning Summer of 2019, individuals receiving or authorized to receive SSI/SSP are eligible for CalFresh. Apply here.

General Relief (GR) Assistance
Find out more about the the general assistance program for low-income individuals without children. Click here to read about GR.

Look at how cash aid for families with children can help you support your family.

Social Security Benefits
Find out which disability benefits you may qualify for.

MediCal and Health Related Benefits
Need healthcare? There are plenty of options - click here for information about Medi-Cal and other benefit programs.


Want to join Public Counsel help people access vital benefits? Find out how you can get involved with our CARES - Connecting Angelinos to Resources and Essential Services Program!