Public Counsel's 2018 Annual Report


Dear Friends,

Today, we live in times of great inequity and inequality, but Public Counsel has sought to right wrongs inflicted upon more than 16,000 clients in just this past year. For nearly 50 years, Public Counsel — working with its pro bono partners — has worked to make this country a more fair and compassionate place, particularly for those who cannot afford counsel and who fear coming forward to protect their rights. Through direct legal assistance, through efforts to impact policies, and through impact litigation, Public Counsel continues to make a real difference.

Public Counsel is unique in its ability to provide nearly $100 million in legal services from a budget of just over $15 million. How can Public Counsel do that? Public Counsel leverages its 70+ attorneys and 60+ staff through partnerships with some of the leading advocates and law firms in the country. All told last year, more than 5,000 individuals contributed more than 136,000 hours to assist those in need.

It has been my great honor and privilege to have served as Chair for this year. I hope you stand with me to support the work of Public Counsel.

Michael H. Steinberg
Chair, Board of Directors



Public Counsel 2018 Annual Report


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