Homeless Court can help you make a clean start

Getting a fresh start at Homeless Court


Launched in 2006, the Homeless Court Program helps homeless individuals or those at risk for homelessness to resolve the legal barriers that are just one of the many challenges they face on the road to self-sufficiency. Homeless Court eliminates certain minor traffic citations, warrants, quality of life citations, and related fines – all of which can detrimentally affect a person's employment and housing opportunities.

The Los Angeles County Homeless Court Program is a project of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles City Attorney, Los Angeles County District Attorney, Los Angeles County Public Defender and advocates for the homeless.

What’s new at Homeless Court?

Effective March 6, 2015, Public Counsel no longer administers the Homeless Court Program.

If you have any questions about the program, including the status of any pending applications, contact the Los Angeles City Attorney at 213-978-1937 or att.heart@lacity.org.


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For any questions about the Homeless Court Program, contact the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office at 213-978-1937 or att.heart@lacity.org.

The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office occasionally holds Homeless Ticket Citation Clinics. If you have citations that you need to address, you may potentially be able to get help. Please read the flyers posted below carefully to see if you meet their program's requirements.





Information about tickets

How to Address Tickets (pdf)

Parking ticket resources (pdf)