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April 23, 2012

Daily Journal: Central District has lion's share of nation's pro se bankruptcy debtors

Daily Journal | Don J. DeBenedictis

The Daily Journal reported on statistics that show that the Central District has far more pro se bankruptcy debtor than any other federal district in the country:

Less than half a percent of people who file Chapter 13 bankruptcy without a lawyer manage to win court approval for their recovery plans, according to a new report from the Los Angeles-based bankruptcy court.

"It is nearly impossible for this population to succeed in chapter 13," the report, released last week, states.

The results are better for self-represented debtors seeking liquidation under Chapter 7, where about 60 percent obtain court confirmation of their plans.

The problem is enormous for the Central District court, which gets nearly a third of all bankruptcies filed without lawyers in the nation.

According to the report, 38,098 pro se debtors filed in the district in 2011, compared to 92,172 in all other federal court districts combined.

The Eastern District of California in Sacramento and Fresno had the next most pro se filings at 8,693. San Francisco's Northern District came in fifth, after Arizona and Northern Georgia, with 5,680 pro se filers.

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