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June 16, 2009

Daily Journal: Promise of kiosk deal became pain for churches

Daily Journal | Catherine Ho

The Daily Journal reported on a number of churches that were scammed out of money through a deal to install computer kiosks at the churches that were supposed to connect parishioners with discounts at local businesses:

On its Web site, Urban Interfaith Network said it "facilitates mutually beneficial, community based partnerships between enlightened corporate partners and the African-American church in America."

UIN representatives approached True Way last year with an offer to install a "no cost" computer kiosk that would download coupons and advertising from local businesses, said True Way's attorney, Brandon Fernald of Fulbright & Jaworski, who is handling the case through Public Counsel. The group told the church that the system would be paid for through corporate sponsorship, and that the church would get a cut of advertising dollars, of at least $250 every three months.

When the machine was delivered to True Way, it would turn on, but did not download the programs that UIN said it would, Pastor Wilson said. Several other churches reported similar defects with the software.

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