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Due to Coronavirus concerns, the Federal Pro Se Clinic in Los Angeles will only be providing assistance remotely.  Please contact us via online and phone intake (see below for contact information).

Need to request an extension to file an answer or other document?

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¿Necesita solicitar una extensión para contestar una demanda o otro documento?

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Public Counsel's Federal Pro Se Clinic can provide free legal assistance to people representing themselves in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The Clinic does not assist with criminal, bankruptcy, habeas, appeals, or any state cases.  The Clinic does not provide representation in court and cannot find an attorney to represent you.

The Clinic is open by appointment only on most Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Due to staffing constraints, we no longer accept walk-ins. 

To request our services and make an appointment, call our message and information line at (213) 385-2977 ext. 270 and leave a detailed message.  Alternatively, you may fill out the online intake application below.  You may also wish to consult our forms and guides below for the answers to some common legal questions.

The Clinic is located in the Roybal Federal Building and Courthouse, 255 East Temple Street, Suite 170, Los Angeles, CA 90012. 

SOBRE LA CLÍNICA: La Clínica Federal Pro Se de Public Counsel proporciona asistencia legal gratuita para gente sin abogados en corte federal del Distrito Central de California. La Clínica no provee representación en corte y no puede encontrar un abogado que lo represente. La clínica está abierta solo con cita previa. Para solicitar nuestros servicios, puede llamar al (213) 385-2977 ext. 270 y dejar un mensaje detallado o puede completar una solicitud por nuestro sitio web a continuación. También puede consultar nuestros formularios y guías al final de esta página.


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Federal Pro Se Clinic Online Intake Application 



The Clinic has prepared the following forms, guides, and samples for use in the District Court for the Central District of California.  Many of the guides include forms with easy to understand instructions.

La Clínica ha preparado los siguientes formularios, guías, y muestras para usar en la corte del Distrito Central de California. Muchas de las guías incluyen formularios con instrucciones que son fáciles de entender. Desplace la pagina hasta abajo para ver la sección de guías en español. 


Starting a Case in Federal Court

Guide: How to Prepare a Federal Case

Guide: How to Write a Complaint

General Complaint Form

Civil Rights Complaint Form

Social Security Complaint Form

Guide: Can I Sue a Judge?

Guide: Can I Appeal a State Court Decision to Federal Court?


Responding to a Lawsuit in Federal Court

Guide: How to Answer the Complaint

Answer Form

Guide: What Do I Do If I Have Been Sued?


Service of Process 

Guide: Serving an Individual 

Guide: Serving a Corporation 

Guide: Serving the United States

Guide: Serving an Agency of the United States

Guide: Serving the Social Security Administration

Guide: Serving a Federal Officer in their Official Capacity

Guide: Serving a Federal Officer in their Individual Capacity

Guide: Serving a Local or Municipal Government

Guide: Serving a State or Local Government Agency 

Guide: Serving a State or Local Government Officer

  Federal Pro Se Clinic Youtube Videos     

Motions and Requests

Guide: How File a Motion

Guide: How to Oppose a Motion

Guide: How to File a Motion for Summary Judgment

Guide: How to Oppose a Motion for Summary Judgment

Guide: When Will the Court Rule on a Motion

Guide: How to File an Ex Parte Application

Request for Extension Form

Memorandum in Support of Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint Form



Guide: Discovery Basics

Guide: Initial Discovery Obligations

Guide: Request for Admissions

Guide: Request for Production

Guide: Interrogatories

Sample 26(f) Report

Plaintiff's Initial Disclosures Form

Defendant's Initial Disclosures Form

Guide: How to File a Motion to Compel



Guide: How to Move to Set Aside Entry of Default



Guide: The Potential Costs of Losing Your Case in Federal Court


Pleading Paper, Caption Paper, and Other Miscellaneous Forms

MS Word Pleading Paper Caption Page

MS Word Pleading Paper

Memorandum of Points and Authorities Form


Guías y Formularios en Español

Guía y formulario: Solicitud de Extensión

Guía: ¿Qué Hago Si Me Han Demandado en Corte Federal?

Video: Qué Hacer Si Ha Sido Demandado en un Caso Federal

Guía: Cómo Responder a una Demanda

Guía: ¿Cuándo Decidirá la Corte Sobre una Moción?